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Hello, I have confirmed a new story which will be known as Urblake and Rebecca: Entranced. This story will feature hypnosis and for the first time will be posted on :iconhypnotizedheroines:.

This story will involve the people that have a home. Jennifer has gotten reports that people that have entered the home have started to behave strangely or have never left, she goes in to investgate. At the home, she is greeted by the people who seem friendly (unknown to Jennifer, she doesn't know that the Person Empire hired them). They offer her a drink which Jennifer starts to drink which later Jennifer starts to pass out (the drink was drugged). The people then take her to the basement ( tie her up to the chair with ropes and have her face the screen which they will use it to hypnotize her. When Jennifer is hypnotized, they would make her to bad thing and that bad thing that Jennifer would never do is kidnap her best friends but due to the trance, she is forced to kidnap Urblake and Rebecca. Can the Person Empire be stopped?

The story will be posted to :devart: soon and will be on the :iconurblakerebecca:, :icongirldetectivetrouble: and :iconhypnotizedheroines: groups.
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Submitted on
May 6, 2012


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